School of Medicine

Training the Physicians of Tomorrow

Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University received preliminary approval to open New Jersey’s first private medical school in 50 years in North Jersey. Leaders at both institutions are working to welcome the first class in July 2018. We are happy to report that nearly 2,000 applicants have applied for 55 slots, a true measure of the interest in this innovative program. The curriculum offers a holistic and innovative approach designed to educate physicians to meet the health care needs of the future and to address projected shortages of family physicians in New Jersey.

The School of Medicine will offer a unique approach in which students from nursing and allied health will take classes with future doctors to produce team-based care that provides more collaborative care and better outcomes. Seton Hall’s excellent nursing, occupational therapy and other allied health programs will relocate to the campus to create a truly inter-professional learning environment.

We are embarking on a bold mission to humanize health care, one that focuses on rigorous science as well as the new frontiers of medicine including prevention, genetics and population health. This approach will ultimately help us reduce disparities in health outcomes that plague our current system and produce higher quality care at a lower cost. Students can also complete their studies in three years and reduce borrowing that can lead to excessive debt upon graduation. The approach leads to an earlier start in residency programs which will be offered in our 16 network hospitals.