Care Transformation Services

Care Transformation Services: Orchestrating Excellence in New Ways

Health care is rapidly changing. As a national leader in healthcare, we must redefine the way we deliver it to our communities. We are moving beyond a service line approach to care. Today, our focus turns toward greater transparency and use of data to bring innovation and less variation to evidence-based medicine. We can grow our business by improving patient outcomes and experiences, while also reducing expenses.

To be successful, we have realized that an important shift must occur within our own health care ecosystem, which includes all components of our infrastructure such as our provider network, hospitals, IT, business intelligence and data access. A successful ecosystem is one that is beneficial to those providing care, seeking care and receiving care. It is about having all of the components of the continuum – from acute care to home care, from specialty physicians to population health, and from primary care to telemedicine—working in concert with each other.

The five key components of how the future of care will be transformed include: clinical excellence, a highly-reliable patient experience, value, physician engagement and connectivity, and innovation which supports education. Precision medicine and a multidisciplinary approach will allow our physicians to drive the delivery of patient care and transform the way we get paid from a fee-for-service to valued-based care payments. Value, in turn, leads to new payment/delivery models, such as our accountable care organization and bundled payments.

We began with a focus on Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Behavioral Health and Oncology, Children’s and Musculoskeletal and plan to incorporate, develop and optimize all other services. As an integrated health network, our goal is to ease the access to care, ensure smooth care transitions for patients across our care continuum, and increase communication to our patients. Our redesigned care model aims to provide our patients with a well-orchestrated and personalized experience throughout our care continuum whether they are receiving care at our hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, wellness centers, at home, or in a physician’s office.