Merger Update

A Whole New State of Health Care 

Hackensack Meridian Health: Ushering in a New Era of Health Care

BobIn June, Hackensack University Health Network and Meridian Health announced the official merger to form Hackensack Meridian Health. The partnership, which was announced following nearly two years since the letter of intent to merge in October of 2014, united the legacy of two health care networks that individually are clinically strong and fiscally healthy. Hackensack Meridian Health brings a full spectrum of care and services across New Jersey.

Dean-John-BobQuality, safety and consistency are at the core of what we bring to the people of New Jersey and to those who travel here for our care and services. By harnessing the collective knowledge and resources of both Hackensack University Health Network and Meridian Health, we have created a world-class health network. The physicians and caregivers from Hackensack Meridian Health are among the finest in the nation – streamlining care, putting their hearts and minds into the care they provide, offering patients more options and discovering and innovating for tomorrow.

Hackensack Meridian Health combines the excellence and innovation of academic medical centers with the convenience and compassion of community-based care and services. The network consists of 13 hospitals, including two academic medical centers, two children’s hospitals, nine acute care hospitals, physician practices, more than 120 ambulatory care centers, surgery centers, home health services, long-term care and assisted living communities, ambulance services, lifesaving air medical transportation, fitness and wellness centers, rehabilitation centers and urgent care and after-hours centers.Palisades

Hackensack Meridian Health also trains tomorrow’s doctors and allied health professionals and conducts significant research that results in new ways of preventing and treating disease. High on the list of milestones will be the opening of the only private school of medicine in New Jersey, in conjunction with Seton Hall University, to further punctuate Hackensack Meridian Health’s focus on academic excellence. The partnership will also include nursing and allied health sciences.

By combining and sharing resources and identifying efficiencies, Hackensack Meridian Health is providing patients the highest quality care at the most appropriate cost, meeting the needs of the larger communities it serves and enhances its ability to be innovative in the delivery of care.

Introducing a Well-Orchestrated Brand


Great brands create an emotional connection with their customers. Great brands are innovative, likeable and relevant. They have value, they are differentiated and they are well-known. In the simplest terms, they make you feel connected to who they are. A brand can also create loyalty and, with that, a set of expectations. Exceptional brands continue to meet, even exceed, those expectations.

At Hackensack Meridian Health, we know that a brand must be lived each moment by the people who represent it. Every moment, every interaction, every time we impact a life, we are the brand. Here, our brand is about taking care of people and changing the future of health care.


The essence of Hackensack Meridian Health’s new brand can be captured in two words: well-orchestrated. When something is well-orchestrated, it is meticulously planned, highly organized and laser-focused on specifically intended outcomes. That is precisely its meaning and relevance. Well-orchestrated gets to the heart of what makes us particularly unique, and to what consumers are looking for in a health care provider. Well-orchestrated is an idea well suited to the integration and connectedness of our continuum of care – a complete spectrum of offerings that encompass the full consumer, patient and family life cycle.

The Hackensack Meridian Health logo is, of course, also important because it is the visual representation of our brand. It is our symbol and our promise to our community, a signal and representation of the outcome, quality, innovation and experience they can expect when they are in our care. From the organized squares gently touching one another and propelling us collectively forward to the open and imaginative center — a transparent lens to light, life and possibilities — the new Hackensack Meridian Health identity is a masterpiece of hearts and minds… truly well-orchestrated.

Expanding Our Services to the Community with JFK Health
JFK Merger
Hackensack Meridian Health and JFK Health announced a definitive agreement to merge.  At the signing ceremony were (top left to right) John K. Lloyd, Co-CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health; Raymond Fredericks, president & CEO, JFK Health; Robert C. Garrett, Co-CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health; (bottom left to right) Gordon N. Litwin, Co-Chair, Hackensack Meridian Health; Michael Kleiman, DMD, chairman of JFK Health; and Joseph Simunovich, Co-Chair Hackensack Meridian Health.

JFK Health and Hackensack Meridian Health announced a definitive agreement regarding a potential affiliation. JFK Health went through an extensive review process that considered various factors that would strengthen JFK and further its mission to keep the community healthy. JFK looked closely at how a partnership would help to enhance its clinical services, increase access to services for patients and their families, and further support JFK Health’s population health initiatives.

The proposed transaction would build upon the strengths of JFK Health and Hackensack Meridian Health. It would be aligned with JFK Health’s not-for profit mission and its goal to keep the community healthy. By affiliating with a quality-focused system like Hackensack Meridian Health, JFK Health will be able to strategically make investments in new programs, services and technology to keep pace with the advanced health needs of the community.

Building upon a more than 20-year relationship with Legacy Meridian Health, JFK Health aims to enhance their delivery of top-quality, coordinated patient care to their diverse community. The medical center has already been successfully running home care and satellite rehabilitation facilities with Meridian for over two decades.

JFK Health is an award-winning health system trusted by the residents of its community, and has established a network of providers and services, including its academic programs. As charitable, not-for-profit health care providers, JFK and Hackensack Meridian Health share a common mission and commitment to service: provide an expansive continuum of care. With the addition of JFK Medical Center, we can look forward to ultimately enhancing our network and serving more people.